Mr. Leo Siemann

Your humble reporter

inventor & founder

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Torquay, Devon, UK


About  our  Services

I know it is hard for many inventors to execute their great ideas. Therefore I have set up my educational newsline and private consultancy service. It is taylormade, depending on every inventors needs and targets. You can contact  to me via email and meet in person. We  can talk about your invention confidentialy and  I will sign NDA if needed *  I am able to guide you on without knowing  all the details of your invention so you really don't have to worry about the thing.  My consultancy could help you to avoid many rocks' and sharks' and guide you on to protect your Intellectual Property Rights.  I can also help you to find  designers, prototype makers and investors. 

If You are ready to be listed at  For  Sale page then please send me a short description of your invention, some photos, homepage and Youtube links or video and I will set it up for you. Our other services include online publications & ads , interviews and video production.  We operate on donations. 

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