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The only system available producing pure hydrogen-on-demand 

Unique patented design. Once installed eliminates Nox, Hydrocarbons & Carbon Emissions associated with air pollution.
    • Immediate results – stops tail pipe pollution in congestion hot    spots, improves air quality.

    • No need to replace engine or install alternative fuel tanks.

    • Allows drivers and businesses to continue using current vehicles whilst reducing their emissions

    • Guaranteed minimum of 10% saving in fuel consumption.

    • Full Product Liability Insurance & CE Accreditation. 

Portable Carbon Cleaning Machines  for all Diesel and Petrol engines, can run either 12v or 240v, two sizes XL and SP , 9kg and 15kg, CE certified, Made in Great Britain. 

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This amazing invention comes from Estonia. It is called the  Chord Viola and is invented by Gabriel Passov. The invention allows to play alternately solo and the three-string chord in a root position, using the standard fingering. 

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Our 3rd invention up for sale is a the game of TRILJARD , invented by Swedish Inventor Tomas Astrand.  

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The next great invention comes from Estonia and is called +iD  which is the smallest smart card reader in the World. Invented by Martin Lazarev. +iD is also the official partner of Estonian  e-Residency , the first Global transnational identity for entrepreneurs.

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Here we have our very first invention listed which is  EcoPest  from Malaysia  : )  Inventor Abdul Syukor Bin Abd Razak.