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Written by Leo Siemann. Photo : Kents Cavern in Torquay, UK, some 30 000 years ago ... 

We live in a corporational world today, run by greedy people whose first interest is not the progress of mankind and peace on Earth but money and power. That explains why inventors like Nikola Tesla were depressed and not celebrated at their lifetime. Only now, 100 years on, people truly understand his work for humanity. So, I'm not surprised if they understand what I was talking about 100 years later ... I mean human potential, if it was not locked up by corporations and crooked politicians but worked for all of us. I am talking about the new open World. Not this Claus Schwab kind of NWO, mass murder and digital slavery but real freedom and prosperity of mankind as today we do not use much of the potential which relies on us and that is very sad indeed.

Lets make it clear : it is not the corporations, companies or universities who invent but people, who do it - therefore they are called inventors. I believe they surely deserve more credit and recognition for the work they do. Without inventors there was no progress on Earth, - no car, no cell phone, no radio, TV, computer or internet which helps us to communicate right now. We probably would be still jumping around the fire and munching some mushrooms or meat from the stick, if lucky ...

Therefore the World we live today is stuck and needs a revamp. The main problem is that greedy people would like steal more and shuffle our stocks & shares once again so we would not notice. It looks like the intelligence from out of this world could save us only as our own IQ is too low to run it properly.  So what we see happening around us today is not surprising. It is the direct result of greed and stupidity. 

Footmail is taking steps to cover the first mile
Sat. 14th January 2023  by Leo Siemann

As postal services have been a challenged recently I came up with a simple solution which could cover at least the first mile or two. I am talking about a local mail delivery which could be easily done by yourself, your family, friends or colleagues. Yes, it is a self delivery method which we can do anyway.  My addition is the  postage label or stamp which indicates that mail has been delivered by foot only and so tells the name - Footmail ® 

 So, why is it good?  Well, first its good for environment, then for your health and also for your budget as you are not driving but walking :) Surely it will cheer up the receiver of your mail as well :)  and there comes emotional value of the Footmail.  It also can be much faster than postal services as we are talking about local community.  The  Royal Mail has been striking since 2022 which surely made me worry and think of alternatives. As I had to deliver my own mail last Summer - the Footmail was born here in Torquay, Devon.

As time went by, I designed 5 series of Footmail labels in 2022, including Christmas edition :) The next one up is  Footmail ® Charity label which will give a chance for many personal charity walks. If you would like to have the licence or buy my Footmail postage labels then please send me email : . Price wise one label book with 4 labels or stamps costs £2 which makes 50p per label. Minimum order is 5 label books for £10. As a pledge I give away 50% of net to my chosen charity which is Rowcroft Hospice. The rest goes for production and for R&D. 

Footmail is registered Trademark & company in the UK. Homepage :    Copyright ©️2023 Leo Siemann, All Rights Reserved.

Trevor Jackson has invented  Aluminium - Air type  battery which can run 1500 miles 
Wed. 14th March 2018

It is well known that current batteries for electric vehicles are short lasting and harmful to produce leaving damage for nature. 

Trained as Rolls-Royce engineer  Trevor Jackson from Tavistock has come up with the Aluminium-Air type of battery which he has invented already back  in 2002 but has made industrial interest just recently. His works were first recognized by French State and marked as  Strategic and the National Interest. He returned to UK by the request of HM Ambassador to France and was introduced to Formula 1 Team. This led to formation of MAL(R&D)Ltd where Trevor and his team  developed and successfully tested  and full size, zero CO2 battery technology to 1500 miles range  with F1 partner Lotus Engineering.  Lotus completed a successful Product Definition Workshop which provided guidance on designing for Electric Vehicles. This resulted in two designs; one for the Nissan Leaf and one for the ‘G-Wiz’. Although Nissan expressed a strong interest in this battery they were already committed to fitting LiON batteries to the ‘Leaf’. A three-month test programme concluded with seven repeat tests on the G-Wiz prototype cells and each test showed steady delivery of power for a range of 1500 miles. This battery will be demonstrated in a MEGA Multitruck in 2018. Trevor has a strong team and continues his works to enter to aviation and  marine industries as well. 

More information is available at homepage :

Inventors'  Night  no5  is coming up  !

12th December 2017

We continue with the Inventors' Night Christmas event at Belgrave Sands Hotel & Spa in Torquay on Thursday, 14th December from 18.30-20.00 . Our guest speaker is a local inventor Jason Munro from Ecomotus Ltd. who tells us how he has invented probably the most effective hydrogen cell in Britain  :) 

Location : Belgrave road 2, Torquay, TQ2 5HF 

FB event is here.  * Programme of the night :

* introduction by Leo
* How do we invent things? by Inventor Inch
* What is an inventor and how to become one?
* Meet the local inventor Jason Munro
* Questions and remarks
* Networking

* The purpose of Inventors Night is to connect local inventors and public members, to encourage each other, to share experiences and to give advice how to move on with your new invention or design idea.  You are most welcome to attend, to share this event and to bring along your family members and friends ! Just please let me know how many of you are coming. Parking is free. Drinks & snacks can be bought from the bar before or after the event.

Little Miss Inventor has been created 

Monday, 4th December

Illustrator and designer Adam Hargreaves has created a "positive role model" for girls called a Little Miss Inventor. His book will be released by International Womens Day 2018 :)  

BBC World Service reports

TESLA has just unveiled a band new Roadster and Semi Truck

17th Nov. 2017

* The Truck will be on road by 2019 and Roadster by 2020 , Techcrunch tells the full Story 

The TechBay 2017 did a jolly good job

Sunday, 12th November

Torbay is the upcoming area for electronics and photonics in England. The annual TechBay event which took place at the Riviera Centre, Torquay on 9th November gathered more than 20 tech companies. The TechBay is a hands-on, interactive event, created to inspire young people and promote the Torbay and South Devon manufacturing industry.  As a demand for engineers has risen  STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics)  must be raised at schools as well to get more professionals into growing technology sector. Here is our interview with optical systems engineer Robert Hirst from the  Spirent Communications  who tells us about the company, his job and STEM Ambassadors programme :

* There are more interviews and photos about the event  at our  TechBay  page  :) 

The British Invention Show was an inspiring event

Monday, 23rd October 2017

This years BIS  was held at Barbican Exhibition Hall in London, same place as last year. The first difference I've noticed was Banksy art at the wall right opposite the front door :) The next one was that international number of inventors had risen compared to previous year and number of British inventors was a little less , say 1/4 th only. Exhibition was groovy as always. I saw very simple inventions and complicated ones. The youngest inventor at the show was 12 years old Sarah from London with her LollySpin, the flashiest was Paul A. Sparrow with his  X-Pro Tools , the sharpest was Martin Chard with his  Marxman pen , the furthest  South-Korean Electrical Corporation Inventors with their Cable Failure Detection and Line Finder and  the coolest for me personally were National Defence University of Malaysia professors with their inventions Bamboocrete and  How to make the Hydrogen out of Algae. Yes, there was lots to see and discover and surely we will go back to the show next year as well :)

The Awards & afterparty  were held at Charted Accountants House which is a impressive building in the City of London and also has a great cuisine. The band which played  for us  was led by Roderick Brosse who is also an inventor but  known to the public as guitarist from the Beatles album "Imagine". Awards ceremony was held by Kane Kramer, the founder the British Invention Show and inventor of the first Digital Audio Player.

* Photo gallery and interviews  are listed at our BIS 2017 page :) 

Entrepreneur Costas Constantino becomes an inventor and wins a gold medal at the BIS 2017
Sunday 22nd October, Torquay
We had a great chance to chat with entrepreneur and the British Invention Show 2017 gold medalist Costas Constantino at his home right after the show on Sunday morning . Costa is known to the public as a founder of .  Find out what he is up to this time and what's his advice to you. Interview was taken by Leo Siemann, camera and edit by Inch H.  

Innovative coffee cup lid from Florida

Sun, 30th July

A man in Florida, United States thinks he may have found a way to make coffee on the go, safer. If you have received coffee in a drive through then you know that the condiments don't always come stirred well enough. Or there many not be enough cream or sugar. With this new invention, one can add condiments and stir without removing the lid and risking burn.

You can visit his homepage :

Brightcharger knows when to stop charging

Thu, 29th June 2017

Most people on our planet have 2-3 mobile phones or other digital devices like ipads or cameras which need charging. This actually consumes a lot of energy in total. Even more so when devices are left on charging when the battery is already full. Finns have invented a charger for digital devices which knows exactly when to stop charging :) Its called the Brightcharger.
Product is available for Europe and US market only but hopefully will reach to the UK soon.  If you are a distributor and would like to have the Brightcharger at your stock then please  call  or text +447400893521 . For all the others there is a IndieGoGo campaign on now where you could pre-order one online : 

SafetyNet is attracting the right fish
18th May 2017

Award winning start-up, SafetyNet Technologies is set to disrupt the fishing industry with its ground-breaking user-friendly technology which uses lights to attract and repel fish, thus eliminating by-catch by up to 90%.  So how does Pisces work? It is so simple; the equipment fits easily onto any fishing net and about 10-20 are needed for the full effect to take place and the colour of light is chosen by and controlled by the Fishermen. 

The team have created a rewards based crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with a target of £50,000. Their rewards vary from vouchers at Master Chef winning restaurant chain Wahaca, and limited edition artistic prints from Dutch artist Sue van Gageldonk, to more humourus rewards such as fish jokes. There is also the opportunity to get credited on their scientific papers.  To join SafetyNet in their quest to make the fishing industry more sustainable back their campaign and claim your reward between May 16 and June 23rd :

How + iD, the Worlds smallest Smart Card Reader was invented

15th May 2017

Estonian born and bred designer and inventor Martin Lazarev made his very first prototype of + ID out of cardboard back in 2009.  He introduced his idea to Argo Männiste who also got excited about it.  After few rounds of brainstorming Argo presented the product to his friend Arte Ermel. Then after few years of inventing and design work the final product was settled and patented. As a local production cost was a little too high, the +ID team decided to find Chinese partners, which proved to be a mistake. Surely the cost came down, but so did the quality and the final result was unsatisfying. So they decided to find a new partner from Asia and found it from Taiwan , where +ID’s are made today. Meanwhile, between long development period copycat had appeared on the market…  Still, leaving beside all the difficulties +ID was launched on Jan, 3rd 2014 to claim its unique place amongst all smart card readers : )  Read the full story by Ronald Liive @ Kahvel.

So, why is it useful?  Frankly, for quite a few reasons. As the World is becoming more digital day by day, we need to confirm our identity with institutions like banks, schools, healthcare and many other. It is not a bad idea if one has no cable behind and can well fit into your wallet with ID and bank cards :) The next thing you need to find is USB port on your laptop and you will be in your bank or database within a minutes.  Here is a video  to explain how it works. You can buy + ID from their homepage for some 15 euros only :

Tokamak Energy  has switched on the first Fusion Reactor 

5th May 2017

As reported by the Science Alert ,  UK company called Tokamak Energy has switched on its newest fusion reactor ST40 last week and has already managed to achieve first plasma, successfully generating a scorching blob of electrically-charged gas  within its core. This technology enables to heat plasma up to 100 million degrees Celsius which is about 7 times hotter than the centre of the Sun. On this stage hydrogen atoms can begin to fuse into helium, unleashing near-limitless, clean energy in the process.

Photo: Tokamak Energy

ARC Marine is building the world’s first modular artificial reef and marine habitat

17th March 2017

Torbay based ARC Marine Ltd was founded by two divers James Doddrell and Tom Birbeck in June 2015. Their dream is to develop specific products, to aid the rehabilitation of damaged reef seabeds, that would last longer than ships - which have previously been used to create artificial reefs. ARC Marine then began developing design prototypes from artificial reefs to sea grass habitats. The company has created the world's first multi-functional artificial reef solution. With a strong, modular design, its reef systems protect against depth trawling, provide a superior marine habitat, can act as a robust anchor point for cages and buoys, and can protect marine structures and coastlines against underwater currents and erosion. In June 2016 ARC Marine was officially named a Virgin StartUp Ambassador and the team spent the day at Sir Richard Branson’s family home in Oxfordshire where they took part in a branding workshop. In December 2016, ARC Marine filed for a patent on the ARC module, a subsea structure capable of providing a marine habitat as well as acting as an anti-trawling device and a mooring/anchor point.

Following video explains how is it works and why is it important to support this great project :

Donations can be made via 

For more information see:

What is Blockchain and how does it work? 

Thu , 16th February  2017
Many hi-tech news portals tell us that there is a new kid in the block' called the Blockchain which is taking over some oldschool guys soon. How come? Well the truth is our World is so corrupted today that something has to change on the bigger scale to keep it from the total wipeout. Literally it is the human creed what is destroying it the most. Therefore it is almost inevitable that Blockchain technology has to make its way through. Most of us know the Bitcoin from which it all started from. Today we have another ledger called the Bitnation which is all about eGovernance integrating also Estonian e-Residency. Plus we got a data certification companies like Stampery which have useful tools for inventors, designers and other creators to record their works  pre- or instead of patent office expensive applications. So the use of Blockchain is wide and growing and hopefully it is going to make our internet, banking and legal systems safer and a way more transparent for the next generations.

Happy Birthday Mr. Edison !

Saturday , 11th February 2017

Just to commemorate the 170th  birthday of the Worlds greatest inventor Thomas Alva Edison , I would like to share this nice documentary about his works and personality :) Cheers Tom, you have brightened up my life as well !!

The first Inventors' Night  in Tallinn 

Updated: 1st Feb 2017

We, humans change the planet Earth. My question is: "Do we change it for better?"  It really does not matter if you are factory worker or a lawyer,  your great idea could change life on our planet which is much needed in these days as we approaching to extinction. 

The idea behind "Inventors' Night" is to support inventors, connect creative minds and inspire public members all over the World. 

First two events took place at Brixham and Torquay in South-West England in December 2016. The the third one was held @ Tehnopol Tallinn, Estonia on 18th Jan. 2017. Our guest speakers were well known private inventor Hando Kruuv from Tartu and  co-founder of  Meiren Engineering Raoul Renser from Tallinn. You can find the event at Facebook.  The next Inventors' Night event will be held at Torquay, UK in February. 

*  If you are interested to start Inventors' Night in your area please let me know. I can help you to set it up  :)  

Rakvere Christmas tree has made it to the World map
9th Jan 2017
I have noticed a special Christmas Tree installation on my festive holiday trip to Rakvere, the town where I was born in North Estonia few days ago. The man behind this great eco friendly project is Teet Suur, a Cultural Arts Manager of a local town council. This groovy tradition goes back to 2014 when the very first eco Xmas tree was made from scraps of wood and installed by Teet and his friend Raiko Kaasik with the help of Rakvere Vocational School students. It was so outstanding that even Huffington Post  (US) named it amongst its Top 10 Christmas trees in the World. The next Christmas tree of 2015  was made of old windows and gained even wider interest. The installation of 2016 become a tradition already, making the news once again at Huffington Post Christmas tree list. * You can listen the podcast in estonian with Teet Suur at Radio SBS Australia.

The wristband called "Emma"
Thu, 15th Dec.

Tremor is a sad condition of many people who suffer Parkinson's disease or other conditions where central nerve system has been damaged. So it was for graphic designer Emma Lawton  till inventor Haiyan Zhang came along and changed her life !

Read Emma's story at Cambridge News

Thursday,  8th December 2016

Barry's Individual Christmas Lights

Torquay based builder and inventor Barry has come up with something special for this Xmas called Individual Christmas Lights. Barry's specially designed and patented lights can be fitted on your Xmas tree individually through the wired box. You can see Barry's magnificent Xmas display at Pop Up Shop in Torquay Union Street :)  * Patent Number: GB2372891

                                                                                                         * Find out more :

Saturday, 3rd December, 2016

Inventors' Night                

There will be the 1st public event launched by Invention News on Wednesday, 7th December at Brixham Sea Works.  The  purpose of Inventors' Night is to connect inventors with local community  to inspire and encourage would-be inventors and entrepreneurs to come forward and proceed with their inventive ideas and ventures. The event will start at 5pm and will take 1hr +20min networking in total. 

* Cup of tea & Hello !
* Intro by the host of the night
* How do we invent things?
* What is an inventor and how to become one officially?
* Meet a local inventor
* Questions and remarks
* Networking

Your humble host of the night is Leo Siemann, inventor and founder of the Invention News.  

Update :  Our 1st Inventors' Night at TechBay was Great ! We had 4 inventors  and one medical doctor who joined our round table.  Inventor and diver James Doddrell from Virgin startup ARCmarine told us his amazing story :))  The next Inventors' Night will take place at Torquay on 20th December

* Inventor Robert Leeds with his 2 seater submarine  Gemini  © Invention News

Wednesday 23rd Nov 2016

The Safari Seat could make a lot of difference at disabeled people lives and for their remote communities,  so here is a Great chance to support this campaign at  Kickstarter  :)  *Inventor :  Janna Deeble , Cornwall, UK.

Monday,  21st Nov  2016

eFOLDi  has won The Gadget Show  invention of the year title 

Peboryon bakes Wallace and Grommit's  cake machine for the Grand  Appeal

Tue 15 Nov 2016

Sat 12th Nov @ 9.55am 

Torbay makes it to the tech map of England as the TechBay

As a part of the Tomorrow's Engineers Week, TechBay 2016 - Engineering Your Future  event took place at the International Riviera Centre, Torquay on Friday 11th November. The event focused on latest technologies, education and business. More than 30 local companies exhibited their works and over the 300 guest and students gathered from throughout the country. The day was full of study and fun. Workshops for students were held by company ambassadors and various competitions took place throughout the day. It was really great to see world class manufacturers like  Sonardyne , Spirent  and Gooch & Housego amongst others.  What really got my eye was  6G  transmitter and the blueray underwater communication device  Bluecomm  as seen on pics  ;) The day concluded with prizegiving ceremony, networking and a photoshoot.

Torbay is well known as the premier holiday resort but also by its electronics and photonics industry, being one of the fastest growing tech areas in South-West England.  It's nice to know that we are called now the TechBay of  UK which is gaining more & more interest and growing faster than ever :)

TDA Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre 

Tomorrow's Engineers Week  

The English Riviera

Sun 30th Sept @ 22:58

Roof integrated solar tiles were invented by Britts way before  Elon Musk made his concept

The TechCrunch wrote last Saturday that Tesla will be ready to ship their new solar tiles to customers by Summer 2017. 

It appears that the Roof Integrated System (RIS) was designed in the UK by GB-Sol in 1994 already and even has won the award for this noble invention in 2013.  

GB-Sol standard laminates are easy to install and manage on the rooftop. Output 250-285W.  Read the full story.

* There are also Swedish solar tiles  available by company called Sol Tech Energy since 2010. As you see from the photo those are solid enough for a man to walk on :) 

Photo  ©

Friday , 28th Oct 2016 @ 12:28

British student  Will Broadway has invented the mobile fridge for vaccines which could save millions of lives. 

Full story at  BBC Newsbeat.

Monday, 24th Oct. 2016

The British Invention Show 2016  was held at Barbican Exhibition Centre, London from 19-22nd October. This years show was smaller but still gathered over 50 inventors from 8 countries around the World. The Silver, Gold and Platinum awards where given in many categories to thank inventors for their hard work. The main trophy went to Croatian team for their age recognition system for internet users. You can read more about the show at the British Inventor's Society homepage and visit . Also you can watch interviews at the BIS Vimeo Channel. The annual British Invention Show was founded by Mr. Kane Kramer, inventor of the Digital Audio Player, back in 2000 and is run  by the British Inventor's Society every Autumn.